Twin Dolls

Genre: Supernatural
Credits: Softcel Pictures

Cover Description:
They may look like a typical pair of young ladies, but sisters Mai and Ai are anything but normal…extraordinarily beautiful, masters of a dozen martial arts and trained since infancy to become professional demon hunters, they are the Twin Dolls! Being warriors for the force of good, however, can get you into more trouble than being bad….

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Hm. >>> by skysenshi
I think that this is one of the very few hentai anime that I’ve actually shown respect for. It has basically everything I want to see in a show: rich history, good artwork, decent storyline, great fight scenes — the works! Well, of course there is one magic element that makes this title a hit among numerous anime fans. It’s the sexual perversion. It’s not necessarily my favorite part of the show, and I’ve seen a lot of other hentai films with more creative display of sexuality, but for some reason it’s what most people want to see. So what exactly is it that makes me recommend Twin Dolls to most viewers? Like I mentioned before, I like stories with rich historical background that collaborates well with its present setting. There is this enchanting story about an angel and a mortal who fell in love, giving way to the legacy that was to be bestowed upon the twin warriors. It is in some way very similar to this wholesome manga series I’ve read entitled Ayashi no Ceres, which focuses on forbidden angel and mortal love themes. I also love the dances they perform during battles. It’s certainly better than what most shoujo anime can offer.

If you’re a hentai anime fan obsessed with LOTS of elongated objects, I gather that this is the right title for you. However regular anime fans, who want to look at this series in a slightly objective point of view, might find a few aspects in TD that can pique the romantic or intellectual inner selves.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 8 Characters: 8 Sounds: 8 Ecchi Level: 8

Double your pleasure. >>> by Duke Togo
Originality is scarce in the world of hentai and Twin Dolls isn’t exactly ground-breaking work, but part one of the series (that continues as Twin Angels later) is one of my all-time favorites because it’s an amazingly well produced take on the martial arts/tentacle/demon sex genre with one unique twist, the twin factor.

The heroines of the series, Mai and Ai are your typically gorgeous and athletically nubile virginal anime babes, but the fact that they are twins opens up so many possibilities that I’m surprised that other videos haven’t tried to steal the idea and turned it into a sub-genre on to itself.

Think about this for a moment. Bedding a pair of twins simultaneously is a very popular heterosexual male fantasy, but why is it so popular? Probably because the tantalizing mix of multiple partners, girl-on-girl action and incest makes for a potent powder keg of societal taboos that most men wouldn’t mind exploring.

Unfortunately, the series as a whole isn’t so daring and fails to capitalize and explore the possibilities that part one introduces. The producers appear to be aware of the avenues afforded to them by the characters and setting, but never gets past mild degrees of titillation. Part two merely rehashes the formula from part one and even goes so far as to reuse sex scenes frame-for-frame from part one as a cost-cutting measure. The continuation of the series, Twin Angels, pushes the twin sex theme a little further, but still ultimately not far enough to make things thought provoking (for more details, read my review of Twin Angels).

However unsatisfying the series is as a whole, I still hold part one in high regard for its fine formulaic execution and thorough realization of its world. The oni-type rape sex is extremely intense and while the story and characters from a narrative stand point aren’t outstanding, it’s still far superior than most hentai will ever get.

Art/Animation: 8 Story/Plot: 7 Characters: 8 Sounds: – Ecchi Level: 9

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