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Hello everyone!

You may have noticed that I’ve pretty much emptied this entire blog. I have received a message from Google that they are being more strict on adult content and even though I don’t make money out of this site, I would not want to risk all my other blogs (especially the ones pertaining to art and education).

BUT because my adult media review site came about because of a social experiment, I do not want to forever hide my content. This site has provided me with interesting discussions regarding the nature of adult media and it was an exercise in discourse.

SO…I moved it here.
(design is under construction so sorry about that)

I hope to continue the intellectual discussions about ero games, anime and manga because my readers surprisingly have valuable insights to share.

For those of you who had been loyal followers, thank you. I do not wish to disappoint. 🙂

CATEGORIES : Hear Me Roar/ AUTHOR : skysenshi

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