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Artificial Academy 2 is an eroge high school simulation imitating atypical classroom environment featuring relationships between the students and the teacher. The objective of the game is to occupy a classroom from one to twenty-five students of your choice. You can control different characters each day and weave the relationships and events to your liking. Don’t forget to be the top achiever in academics and athletics aside from date hunting!

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The creator within… >>> by Jammy Rodriguez 2015.07.22
One of the enjoyable features Illusion has been integrating in their games is the character creation and customization. AA2 gives you the option of creating your dream classmates and your ideal teacher. The array of hairstyles that can be created is vast and satisfying because of its subcategories: front hair, side hair, back hair and hair extension. Do I need to mention that you can adjust the length and color? Female characters have more variety than the male characters since the character creator included even the details of the breasts; the size of the breast, the size of the nipple, nipple placement, nipple color, and the softness of the breasts that defines its bounciness. Those who have a knack for flat-chested girls, your welcome.

With my thirst for the perfect character physique aside, another noteworthy feature of the character creator is its ability to adjust a character’s personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses. The voice will depend on the personality, but you can still change the pitch from lowest to highest. The traits also cover the sexual preferences of each individual and I’ll explain later as to why it’s important. I highly suggest not to breeze by the traits and personality since it will determine your character’s performance in academics and sports, as well as how he/she socializes with his/her classmates.


The only bizarre part of the customization is the availability of the hairstyles to both male and female. Both have access to one another’s style. I think it’s smart though, as it can appeal to people with different types of fetishes with regards to body structure and personality.

Visuals, and eyecandy:
I would have to commend Illusion for their visuals everytime they release an eroge. If you’ve played some of their games, you will notice how the female’s skin turn shinier as indication of being covered in sweat. They also succeed in interpreting a female’s face when pleasured. It’s differently appreciated if it’s a real human’s face, but in Illusion’s games, especially AA2, the female’s face still have somewhat of a cute and timid face. In my perspective, this aspect really works its way through the male gaze, and effectively utilizes the theory to reinforce hentai attributes to the game visuals.


An eroge gamer’s haven:
Having played different hentai dating games, I have learned the importance of patience and its reward. Like most hentai games, AA2 requires persistence and perceptiveness. You can’t have a hentai scene without working hard for it! You basically have to woo a character to a certain percentage meter (which rises up to 999%) before you can ask him/her to be your lover, and eventually have thrilling sex in the most secluded places in school. However, most of the sexual positions will not be available for you to enjoy watching. You can only bask at the joy of watching all sexual positions after unlocking them one after another. Remember that each character has a different set of personality and traits, including their sexual preferences. Once you fulfill both parties’ preferences while having sex, H Compatibility rises and unlocks another position. Note that H Compatibility also rises each time you have sex.

I should mention that you can have a relationship and sex with more than one person, paving way for a 3P (love triangle)…even with your teacher.


AI behavior:
I should also mention the behavior of the AI in this game which is crucial if you want your character to get laid. Their responses to your dialogue will depend on their traits and personalities. Perverted males will respond positively to “Lewd things” dialogue, while boys with high virtue will not. Shy girls will react negatively to the “Insult” action, while boys with an affable trait will give you a negative remark but a high increase in the meter.

It also pays off to take care of your relationship with other characters, not only with your target. This is the advantage that comes with being able to control all students including the teacher. When the meter reaches about 250% (in my case), the AI randomly approaches you. He/she may ask you to eat with them, meet with them after class, wait for them in a room, touch your boobs (if you’re playing as a female), have sex, take you somewhere or even interrupt your conversation with another AI.

In my opinion, this is by far the best game Illusion has released. I can almost imagine the whole game in reality. I like how the game doesn’t focus just on sex and sex alone. You have to take note of your character’s wisdom, strength, club activities, and relationship with other characters. You can go out in dates during the weekends or ask people out for a round of karaoke. This game is very soft and “innocent” (in the sense of the setting), and I would recommend it to people looking for a hentai dating simulation with a fetish for school uniforms.


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