Classes in Seduction

2004 Xuse / Shino Sensei Seisaku Iinkai Screenplay: Hajime Yamaguchi Studios: JVD, Critical Mass Description: Professor Shino’s out to change the world – one lusty lesson at a time! Shino might be a science teacher, but her specialty really lies in teaching her students about their sexual chemistry! Whether it’s guiding two virgins through their […]

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Boku no Pico

Drama, Yaoi 2006 Katsuyoshi Yatabe, Natural High Cover Description: The first of its kind, Boku no Pico tackles a boy’s sexual awakening when a salary man mistakes him for a girl and seduces him. A PG version has also been released. Shop: Safe Boku no Pico DVDs and merchandise are available here. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!!! […]

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Drama, Romance, Psycho-Erotica 2004 Studio9Maiami, Courreges, D3, Kitty Media Cover Description: Going through life is hard enough for a coed at her sexual peak in an academy full of horny boys, but it’s even harder when she’s got horny boy parts of her own. Miss Futaba finds it hard to sit quietly in class when […]

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Booby Life (Oppai Life)

Genre: College Dramedy Credits: 2009 Y.O.U.C., Blue Gale, Digital Works, Kitty Media Cover Description: Naoto, your run-of-the-mill young dude with a thing for top-heavy women, is the luckiest bum in the world. Ayane, a busty babe he’s known for almost all his life, has a thing for him and lets him have his way with […]

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Genre: Comedy 2005 T-Rex, Milky Cover Description: Due to an accident, Wataru has lost his memories. Now he is in America with Rena, and she has promised his parents that she will take care of him until he recovers. Well, she isn’t the only one that wants to help him out! Two boobalicious babes from […]

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