Koi wa Misoji wo Sugite kara

2008 Amazume Ryuta GENRE: Seinen, Romance, Slice of Life Skysenshi’s Description: Sakura Uehara did not go into university but joined the labor force straight out of high school. She devoted much of her time to her job, eventually getting into a lead position. Before she knew it, she was already 30 years old. Enter Yamada, 22 […]

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Genre: Josei, Comedy, Romance 2004 Yoshihara Yuki, Shogakukan, Inc. Skysenshi’s Description: Naeko is a divorcée who works at a bridal salon. While she earns a living by matching couples for marriage, her love life is in shambles. For one, her ex-husband, who is her boss, keeps trying to woo her back. When his younger brother, […]

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Aisuru Hito

Genre: Josei, Comedy, Romance 2002 Yuki Yoshihara, Shogakukan, Inc. Skysenshi’s Description: College student Sakiko Kinoshita couldn’t help but stalk her professor, Chifuyu Takashou. After all, she’s a girl in love. But when Sakiko’s mother suddenly finds herself destitute, college becomes an impossibility…so are the thoughts of ever hooking up with her beloved professor. Sakiko decides […]

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Creamy Angel

Genre: General Platform: Windows 95/98/2000 (still works on XP since I’m on XP); Mac OS 7.5 or higher Artist: Mashitaka Manga Credits: 2000 JAST USA Cover Description: The incredibly erotic collection of master Japanese hentai illustrator Mashitaka is available now on this beautiful CD ROM image collection. Featuring the first half of the artist’s acclaimed […]

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Author: Kiryu Tomohiko Credits: Redlight Manga Sample Scans: Illia Illia’s Description: An X-rated action comic featuring high school uniform wearing twins with an attitude. The twins often get into skirmishes with gang members that try to rape them. This is a very erotic yet comical series that packs loads of action and sex! Please note […]

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