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Hello everyone! You may have noticed that I’ve pretty much emptied this entire blog. I have received a message from Google that they are being more strict on adult content and even though I don’t make money out of this site, I would not want to risk all my other blogs (especially the ones pertaining […]

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Asia Carrera: The genius porn star turned hentai seiyuu

A couple of years ago, for my master’s class in Women’s Development, I was asked to report about Feminism and Pornography and how many Third Wave feminists are inclined to fight for the right to express their sexuality. During this period, through a classmate’s own report, I came across May Ling Su — an internet […]

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Banana Mango High School – Ebisu Muscats

This is why I loooooove Japan. They can come up with the weirdest combination of things and expect these to be a commercial success. I’m talking about 25 Gravure and AV idols turning into a girl pop group that call themselves the Ebisu Muscats. They can’t sing. They can’t dance. (Which is funny because if […]

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Ah! Those Bishoujo Games That I Cannot Play!

I’ve actually completed reinstating ALL of the site’s hentai bishoujo games last week (May 2, 2010). It was during this time that I had two realizations: I still had a bunch of bishoujo games to play. They’re all stuck in my closet. The reason why they’re stuck in my closet is that…I cannot play them. […]

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About This Site: Frequently Asked Questions 2010

I was unearthing my old Roars and I realized, now that I have separated the hentai section from the main section once again, many of those that I had removed during the merging are now applicable to this current arrangement. I will, however, update the old FAQ. It’s 2010 anyway (last edit 2014), almost a […]

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