GENRE: 3D Eroge PLATFORM: Windows 2000/XP 1.4 GHz Processor, 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended), 8x CD-ROM, 32 MB DirectX 9-compatible video card, DirectSound-compatible soundcard CREDITS: 2006 Illusion Soft Lensman’s Description: (Yes kids, we are finally doing it!) You are an obviously sick and evil man who gets off by harassing little innocent girls […]

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Asia Carrera: The genius porn star turned hentai seiyuu

A couple of years ago, for my master’s class in Women’s Development, I was asked to report about Feminism and Pornography and how many Third Wave feminists are inclined to fight for the right to express their sexuality. During this period, through a classmate’s own report, I came across May Ling Su — an internet […]

CATEGORIES : Hear Me Roar/ AUTHOR : skysenshi/ 3 Comments
Banana Mango High School – Ebisu Muscats

This is why I loooooove Japan. They can come up with the weirdest combination of things and expect these to be a commercial success. I’m talking about 25 Gravure and AV idols turning into a girl pop group that call themselves the Ebisu Muscats. They can’t sing. They can’t dance. (Which is funny because if […]

CATEGORIES : AV, Gravure, Hear Me Roar, LOLWUT/ AUTHOR : skysenshi/ 1 Comment
Boku no Pico

Drama, Yaoi 2006 Katsuyoshi Yatabe, Natural High Cover Description: The first of its kind, Boku no Pico tackles a boy’s sexual awakening when a salary man mistakes him for a girl and seduces him. A PG version has also been released. Shop: Safe Boku no Pico DVDs and merchandise are available here. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG!!! […]

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Drama, Romance, Psycho-Erotica 2004 Studio9Maiami, Courreges, D3, Kitty Media Cover Description: Going through life is hard enough for a coed at her sexual peak in an academy full of horny boys, but it’s even harder when she’s got horny boy parts of her own. Miss Futaba finds it hard to sit quietly in class when […]

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