Booby Life (Oppai Life)

Genre: College Dramedy Credits: 2009 Y.O.U.C., Blue Gale, Digital Works, Kitty Media Cover Description: Naoto, your run-of-the-mill young dude with a thing for top-heavy women, is the luckiest bum in the world. Ayane, a busty babe he’s known for almost all his life, has a thing for him and lets him have his way with […]

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Genre: Comedy 2005 T-Rex, Milky Cover Description: Due to an accident, Wataru has lost his memories. Now he is in America with Rena, and she has promised his parents that she will take care of him until he recovers. Well, she isn’t the only one that wants to help him out! Two boobalicious babes from […]

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Genre: Josei, Comedy, Romance 2004 Yoshihara Yuki, Shogakukan, Inc. Skysenshi’s Description: Naeko is a divorcée who works at a bridal salon. While she earns a living by matching couples for marriage, her love life is in shambles. For one, her ex-husband, who is her boss, keeps trying to woo her back. When his younger brother, […]

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Elfen Laid

Genre: Fantasy Credits: 2005 Y.O.U.C., Production: Digital Works, Kitty Media From’s Product Description: Theodora and Helena were the princesses of the elven nation of Burgundy. When King Uranus of Merovech invades, both elf princesses are taken captive. Theodora is a powerful warrior, but Helena’s only talents are in the bedroom. To save her sister […]

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Dark Future

Genre: Dark / Genre Bender Cover Description: From the public eye it looks like any other ordinary school, however, one club is secretly recruiting girls to make them their personal sex slaves and brainwashing their newly recruited males to enjoy one another. Which club is responsible for these demented activities? How are the other clubs […]

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